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How We Work

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Identify Your Item

Tell us what item you want to authenticate. Select a category from Sneakers, Streetwear, Luxury Handbags, or Watches. Next, select the brand and related product series or model.

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Submit Photos

Read our photography guide carefully to see what kind of photos we need. Then upload the corresponding part of the photo. If the photo is not of high quality (such as focus failure), we may not be able to complete the identification.

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AI Check Process

First, the AI will give the result in about 5 seconds.

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Next, the professional appraiser will also review the AI results, which is used to ensure the accuracy of the appraisal results.

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Get Check-Report

​After the double-check is completed, the check report will be issued. You can use this as proof to complete transactions or negotiate with others.

Who Are We
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