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1. The result is "UNCERTAIN". Why is that?

If the information for appraisal provided by the customer is insufficient, such as the image quality of the captured image is low or the entire appraisal point is not shown, it may be "UNCERTAIN".

2. If it is "UNCERTAIN", will I get a refund?

We guarantee a full refund.

3. Is there anything I should be especially careful about when taking pictures?

When shooting, avoid problems such as out-of-focus, camera shake, and light reflection as much as possible, and shoot from the front so that the details of the product can be clearly seen.

4. What are the payment methods?

The payment method currently available is "credit card". Currently, the credit cards that can be used are "VISA", "MASTERCARD", "JCB", "AMERICAN EXPRESS", "DISCOVER", and "DINERS CLUB ".

5. I haven't received the verification email, what should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please make sure that it is not classified in the junk mail folder of your mail software. If it is not in the junk mail folder, please contact us from "Inquiry".

6. I want to authenticate with SMS, but what should I do if I do not receive it no matter how many times I try?

First, check the communication environment of your device. If there is no problem with the communication environment, restart the terminal and perform SMS authentication again. If you still do not receive it, please contact us directly from "Inquiries".

7. I would like to check the appraisal result again, what should I do?

The appraisal result can be confirmed from "My Appraisal List" on "My Page".

8. What if I can't remove the insole?

The insoles are glued together. It may be difficult to remove depending on the appraisal model. However, the insoles and insoles are important points for appraisal, so please be sure to remove them. If you cannot remove it by all means, heat the insole with a dryer etc. to weaken the viscosity of the adhesive, and then remove it again.

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